The crema makes
the subtle difference

One elephant, two elephant, three elephant, four elephant... the crema layer on top of an espresso should be able to support a spoonful of sugar for a full four seconds before it slowly sinks into the cup. Try it for yourself! The beans for our three coffee specialities Dallmayr Crema d’Oro, Crema d’Oro intensa and Espresso d’Oro have been specially selected for their excellent crema and are delicately roasted for longer.

Changing taste diversity

Anyone who only thinks of prodomo whenever they hear the name Dallmayr only knows one side of us. The art of our expert coffee roasters can be seen in the way they tune the green coffee to satisfy our customers’ desires. Creating a diversity of taste profiles from one and the same raw product that excites everyone – that is what fascinates us about coffee.

New worlds of coffee. A broad coffee horizon

The rule used to be simple: the further north a country was in Europe, the lighter the beans preferred by those who lived there. Even within Italy, those in the south liked their espresso beans darker than their compatriots in South Tyrol. Today, coffee-drinking habits have changed. Preferences can no longer be separated, and worlds of coffee have collided. People in Germany who like to start the day with a roast coffee from a cafetière, for example, might enjoy a café crème after lunch and an espresso in the evening.

With every change in taste, we also expand our coffee horizon and establish new trends. The Dallmayr Crema d’Oro product range combines the traditional high quality of our roasting plant with a ‘flavour of the south’. It is a very special blend, and one that is adored by connoisseurs with a fully automatic coffee machine.

Tips from our coffee master

When you prepare coffee using a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine, the café crème or espresso should flow out in an even, foamy stream after three to five seconds. If it turns watery towards the end, pull the cup away, because the liquid is more bitter at this stage.

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