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Hardly any other brand has defined people’s taste in coffee for generations as much as Dallmayr prodomo. To this day, many will settle for nothing but ‘their prodomo’. Tourists never leave the Dallmayr delicatessen in Munich without a packet to take home in their luggage as a souvenir. Staff scoop the coffee out of precious Nymphenburg porcelain vases by hand and weigh it on antique beam balances.

The decaffeinated and “naturmild” varieties make the Dallmayr prodomo product family complete.

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Grown wild in the forest

Centuries ago, coffee slowly spread out from Ethiopia around the equator. To this day, coffee cherries in Ethiopia grow in the wild or on small farming plantations. After they have been harvested, they are ‘washed’ in a special process that enhances the green coffee. When mixed with selected highland beans from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central America, the result is a finely balanced blend. It is a composition that we have hardly changed all these decades later.

Uncompromising quality for decades

The art lies in achieving the same taste profile adored by prodomo lovers year after year, despite variations in the quality of harvest. We remain true to our standards: 100% arabica quality.

The sound of prodomo

Dallmayr has advertised its coffee on television for decades – especially the prodomo brand. People find the commercials particularly catchy because of the unmistakable Dallmayr melody, which brings the aroma of freshly roasted coffee into the living room.


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