Tea tradition at Dallmayr

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Dallmayr is the only coffee roaster that also has considerable experience with tea. At the end of the nineteenth century, the company was already sourcing choice tea leaves from Russian traders. In the early 1930s, around the same time as the coffee department was born, the delicatessen in Munich introduced a tea department that has remained a firm fixture to this very day.

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From exquisite blends served from hand-painted tea vases to convenient portion-sized infusion bags

The original 22 varieties in the Dallmayr tea range are still sold loose today in beautiful Nymphenburg porcelain vases and are weighed out on antique beam balances. In our tea department, we weigh out your favourite blend to the gram and exactly to your taste.

In total, the Dallmayr range of tea includes 115 different varieties. In addition to traditional speciality teas from India, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and China, we offer a large number of genuinely rare teas. White tea, semi-fermented oolong teas, smoked Chinese tea, selected green teas and wonderful herbal blends from South Tyrol all make the hearts of tea connoisseurs beat faster. A wide selection of flavoured black teas as well as green, rooibos and fruit teas caters to every last desire.

You can choose from loose leaves, elegant tea pyramids and convenient infusion bags. Stylish accessories for the perfect teatime – from tea filters to elegant tea service sets – complete the range and offer everyone who loves tea the equipment they need for an enjoyable and stylish treat.



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